Little tasks for lasting connections

TimeToGive is an app that connects people, with even the smallest amount of free time, to small volunteering tasks that make a big difference in their local community

It's free to use, entirely open source, and is itself run by volunteers.

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Tasks can be created by anyone for anyone

No money is ever exchanged for the time that is given. As long as the task benefits the local community, the environment, someone in need, or it's repaid in kind, then it's a good task.

Helping out a neighbour

Helping out a neighbour

Examples : building a shed, helping put together some Ikea furniture, lending someone a power tool, fixing the wifi.

These favours are repaid in kind. By returning the favour, pledging a small amount to charity, or by simply paying it forward with another task for good.

Assisting the vulnerable or elderly

Assisting the vulnerable or elderly

Examples : dropping off food parcels, taking the time have a coffee with someone lonely, offering a lift to a hospital appointment.

Even tiny amounts of time can make a huge difference.

For community groups and charities

For community groups and charities

Examples : sorting clothes in the high street shop, helping to run a stall at a charity fair, litter picking.

Traditional volunteering tasks, but smaller, and only carried as and when you have the time without long term commitments.

Answering questions or giving advice

Answering a question or giving advice

Examples : who's the best plumber in town? who's hiring locally at the moment? where's the best place to grab a coffee?

Tasks don't have to be physical things. Answering questions and giving advice to your local community adds real value and can be done remotely.

Our community commitments

Given we're a community project, we've started building a set of commitments that underpin what we do

Always free to use

Funded through voluntary donations

All code that is built will be open source

Self-moderated and monitored by the community

Never display adverts

Never exploit or sell user data

Never send you a marketing email

How do I sign up and get the app?

James Allchin is the founder of the project and is currently beavering away on the first version of the app. It's currently in Alpha but a Beta version is expected to land on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in April 2023.

How do I give feedback on the idea and the app?

We've setup a canny board to collect feedback on the idea, the app, and any bugs you experience. This can found here.

I'm a developer, how can I contribute?

The code is hosted on GitHub and is open source. We would love you to contribute.

Can you help find a long-term home for TimeToGive?

This is a personal philanthropic project that James Allchin has started. However, to host the platform and provide the service to end users he's temporarily using his own limited company to run it. This allows him to deal with terms and conditions, privacy policy, and GDPR.

However, the hosting and management of the official TimeToGive service really needs to find a home with a non-profit or charity organisation. Ideally national or international, but a small local one with enthusiasm would be great too. A tech company with a philanthropic arm would also be a good fit.

Please reach out if you're interested via email at

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